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Joost Oolders is a creative and visual master who expresses his gifts and talents in the dynamic fields of marketing, research, and education. By seeing the world visually and bringing his Dutch roots to the table, he creates projects, campaigns, and online programs that are modern, unique, quirky, and playful. In his 20 years of entrepreneurship, Joost has started his own companies, written four books, and was a guest teacher at the University of Groningen for seven years.

Based on his own personal values, Joost seeks partnerships with businesses and organizations that create value not just for customers and employees, but also for society and the environment: organizations that are aware of their full impact on the world around them and that work to enact positive change. He is always looking for authenticity, inspiration, and intuition.

He has developed a depth of technical knowledge and excellent listening skills; he helps people to manifest their visions by identifying their bigger goals and discovering the possibilities. Joost can very quickly assess who you are, who your market is, and tell you the most innovative and creative way to position yourself. He has the gift of bringing high-quality content into high-quality form.

Joost studied Science of Education at the University of Groningen. Immediately after his graduation in 1994, he started an educational consulting agency that is still in operation today and has expanded to private sector and government organizations.

Joost is also a creative strategist who operates under the business names FLOOR and Youth Marketeers. In Europe he has a leading niche business in youth marketing. Joost has worked with major ‘New Thought Leaders’ like Bob Proctor and John Assaraf and has studied with Michael Beckwith, Mary Morrissey, Wayne Dyer and John Maxwell.

If you are looking for an innovative approach to marketing your business or would like full support on expanding your presence on the internet, touch base with Joost and meet him in person! Joost works in the Netherlands and the United States, and he lives with his wife and son in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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